Friday, October 5, 2012


I love volunteering for stuff, sometimes I wonder afterwards why I offered as I'm pretty busy as it is with work full time and trying to run my own little business but I do enjoy helping out. My new thing is ushering. I did the training course and have a roster and a uniform, a torch and a clip board and I am allowed to shush people, perfect!
I mostly help at local dance competitions but can also assist at other Eisteddfod's. I check tickets and open and close doors in between the acts, take people directly to there seats if its reserved seating and just smile and be friendly, happy to serve.
In return for helping you get unlimited tea and coffee, the chance to meet new people and one free ticket for another session. So if I usher 4 times the whole family can come watch a session for free, why were not the boys excited at this prospect?
 Cate often comes along with me, she will sit on the side and watch the dancing, she will talk to the competing dancers and has no problem telling people to not sit in the first three rows as it distracts the dancers! She's also into club badge swapping, building up quite the collection.
So if you have some spare time and want to give back to your community then why not look at volunteering? You will have a great time and maybe make some new friends, I know I have. Plus I get to watch all the sessions for free!

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