Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dog Cushion

Our friend's daughter turned 7 today, Happy Birthday Alisha. Her party was held at the local Fun Factory, great for the kids and great for the mums as no mess at home (and there wedges are so yum!)

I made Alisha a cushion for her bed, Cate picked out the fabrics and helped me with the ironing. Made entirely from my stash, I used to make heaps of kids party presents, it's great when there lovingly recieved.

Alisha has a small dog called Waggs so the blue dog fabric is perfect. The centre has been quilted cross hatching half inch apart on the diagonal and I have stitched in the ditch around the sashings. Using the white with tiny spots for the backing as well, cushion size 18 insert (proberly could of gone with size 20).

We also bought her a set of buzz controllers with the Ace Race game for the PS2, these are so fun. Late party on a scorching 40+ degrees Sunday afternoon = take away dinner so win win all round!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Sewing Room

We moved house in November, same suburb just closer to the kids school. Very nice modern home, bigger than our last with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, ducted aircon, open gallery kitchen, computer nook, theatre room and a study at the front. Love the study, not that it's used for studing, it's my sewing room! I went from sitting on a pillow in an empty spacious room, computer on the floor and Muffin by my side to plastic drawers and tubs and boxes to eventually getting everything unpacked, sorted and in it's new place. The tubs have all been sorted, everythings labeled and I love the trestle table for sewing and cutting, and I love being able to turn from sewing machine to computer Bliss. Now I can mess it all up, lots of projects on my adgenda (thanks to my 54 week year!!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Completed - Quilt # 1

Yay!! I have 53 weeks left to complete my next quilt. Black, White and Pink All Over is finished, just need to make the label. I used up all my Moda pink spot on the backing and binding, I am a bit sad about that, from memory it was one of Textile Traders cheap $6 a metre pieces from a few years ago. Quilt # 1 for Twenty Ten ready to be gifted. Now, onto my next project.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Black, White and Pink all over

After last years track record of two quilt's, I have wasted no time creating this black, white and pink all over quilt for our friends 40th Birthday. Pattern is based on Denise Schmidt's Hop Skip and Jump Quilt. Quilt looks great both ways, just deciding how to quilt it. I am thinking straight lines or an all over stipple, something quick. I don't think they have a cat, Kippy was in seek and destroy mode, quilt passed her test of destruction. I accidently cut some strips a tad short so saving them for a table runner or some place mats. Or a cat quilt. You can never have too many cat quilts. Or too many cats.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!

I have not blogged since November! Lazy I know, so much going on, blogging slipped to the side. Since my last post we have moved house (same suburb, just closer to the kids school), the kids graduated from Year 4, Year 3 and Year 1 with glowing reports. I completed 2 training courses in the city, Cate's now zooming around on her bike without training wheels, had 3 sleep overs and received the Year 1 Achievement award! We have also met "the Liam" (Mum and Dad's new caravan) Sung at Carol's By Candlelight Participated in the town Christmas Pageant
and Celebrated Christmas in our new home A bit disappointing crafty wise, I only finished 11 things, 2 of them being quilts and the rest smaller projects. I did get a few quilt tops done but there not yet quilted, and I have a few WIP that I hope to finish in the next few months. The year went too fast for me; with working full time, the stress of moving house and being on a few too many committee's. Less commitments this year I hope, with some holidays in March when Emma comes to visit, and 2 weeks off for the Easter break where were hoping to take a family trip, so until then its sewing and crafting when I can, starting from now! Happy New Year 2010!