Saturday, November 13, 2010

Catch Up Post

Well I failed Blogtoberfest, lol. We have been so busy this past month so this will be a looooooong catch up post! Firstly, enjoyed the Subiaco Craft Fair, had good fun and sold lots of fabric. I bought a lovely bag, a bird pod and some delish tripple choc brownie, mmmm (sorry no photo's). So would I do this fair again? Probably not, the stall cost is too high and I don't think I am cut out with sharing a booth. I have not been put off craft fairs in general, more that the timing was not right for me as I have so many other commitments in October.
Cate had her dance competition on November 6, she danced her solo to Jellicle Cats, I had alot of trouble with sewing fur to lycra, my hot glue gun came in handy. Watching the other dancers, Cate's routine was too simple for the music and she forgot two small parts and not enough practice sessions were held, I think she only had 5 hours training in total? Nevermind.  Her duo was to Beetle Ball, she was a grasshopper and her partner was a ladybug. They placed 5th out of 9 competitors, very happy, last year they came 3rd together with less compeditors.

On Thursday the 4th it was Cate's 8th Birthday, she loved her Sylvanian Families set, and rhythimic gym ribbon, but also enjoyed her new scooter, some dvd's, pink superman pjs and some Little Pet Shop snow animals. we had her party at home today, the balloons were a big hit! She invited 9 girls from her school and dancing troop, we played musical statues, pass the parcel, pin the horn on the unicorn (??) and ate lots of yummy food like fairy bread, little red sausages, mini cheezles and of course party pies.