Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Sewing

A quick snap of Stuart's quilt.I finished the top last weekend and finally got it sandwiched today, the weather was fantastic and the trampoline is a great surface to baste on, very happy with that family Christmas present. I have quilted in the ditch to hold it together and I am now quilting little pointy rows in the green, using a veregated thread it looks great so far, it adds dimention to the green and makes it stand out more, but I might also do in the black and white blocks too. We'll see, time permitting. It's gotten cold here in my sewing room so I have spread my sewing wings and set a trestle table up next to the dining table, moved my sewing machine and doubled my sewing space! I am loving the heater and close access to the kettle, the afternoon sun is fantastic and I get to watch TV with the kids; win win!