Friday, February 19, 2010

EB Craft Swap

Last month I joined up for the EB Sewing Swap. Each person had to request 3 items and there partner got to make any one item. My swapee was Lisa, I actually requested her based on her likes and dislikes and colour choices. Lisa said she would like rectangle place mats or a boys DS holder or anything boyish or a table runner. Fave colours pink, white and aqua. Easy.
I decided to make a table runner, and bar the homespun everything was from my stash. I used some Amy Butler Lotus, Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy and a variety of pink and white spots from Michael Miller, Windham Fabrics and some Fat Flats from Spotlight. Teamed up with a pink watermelon homespun, I bought all that they had left on the bolt so about 4 metres, Cate has bed sheets and a pillow case in this colour, delish!
Top is pieced with wonky strips alternating between the prints. Sandwiched with pellum wadding and quilted using a variety of decorative stitches. I used white 100% cotton in the bobbin and the quilting stitches look fantastic from the back, I think it could be used either side up.
Measuring 16" x 34", I hope Lisa likes it, cos I love it!! I also included some cherry FQ's and a homemade card.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Cushion

I made this cat cushion for Staurts class mate Amy-Jade, it was her 9th birthday a few weeks ago. I took some photos but accidently deleted them before I could download them, glad I did as Amy-Jade is a way better model with her cushion than our side shrub!
This one was made exactly the same as the dog cushion except I quilted the centre cat panal 1/4 inch apart with the cross hatching and it took forever. Looked great though, just took ages, has a real quilted feel to it.
Same 18" cushion insert but I made the last border a tad smaller for a more snug look. I think I am all cushioned out for a few weeks, but I bought the cutest Easter panal so was going to make some for thie living area, no doubt they will end up in Cate's room, last count she had 6 on her bed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horse Cushion

Happy Birthday to Stuart's friend Sophie. She loves horses so we had to track down some horse fabric for her cushion, unfortunately most horses are brown and not too girly looking so we added some white on white print with purple and white spots.
She had a Pool party last Saturday and the kids had a great time. I was feeling a tad under the weather from some seedy coleslaw eaten the night before but 2 panadol, half a hot dog and some chips later I was doing fine!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Library Bags

Stuart picked out some Yoda Star Wars fabric a few months ago when I coerced him to come to Textile Traders with me. Textile Traders is next to Harvey Norman and he likes to go there to play the demo PS3 games so I think that's how I got him to come shopping with me. From memory the demo controller was not working so to keep the peace I let him buy a metre of this fabric. He couldn't decide what he wanted me to make with it, he was thinking pillowcase or a cushion but it was put aside and not thought of. Untill today. The kids bought home a note from school advising that no matter how old they think they are, no child is allowed to borrow a library book without a library bag.
So 2 new library bags have been made, one staring Yoda, the other a blue monkey swimming print. So simple, each bag is just 2 same sized rectangles (aprox .5m fabric used) and sewn together with a drawstring top, each bag took about 15 minutes. Here they are ninja kicking each other. Delightful.
Monday is library day, lets see what they bring home this week to read.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to School

Photos a little late, but the kids went back to school last Monday. Oliver is in year 5, he assures me he has gotten taller but I just don't see it. He thinks his new teacher is great, loves how there's been no homework for the past week and is so happy to be back at school with all his friends.
Stuart in year 4, thriled theres a new boy in his class so thats 4 boys to 12 girls! He's looking forward to camp this year and loves all the party invites he's been getting. Homework, not so keen on but it's been maths only so he wizzes through it. (Don't let the uniform fool you, he came home missing a shoelace and his shirt covered in yogo!)
Cate is now in year 2, her class is choc-a-block full with 25 kids. She's happy as, plays with a mix of boys and girls but still has her one best friend. She is looking forward to joining the school netball team in term 2 and was back at her first Calisthenics lesson today.
Here's for a great school year for twenty ten!