Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Day

Today was photo day, yipee. I love that they take studio photos of all the girls. I snapped a few photos in between helping to dress and fix hair, those wiglets can be quite tricky to get in and out. It was a good opportunity to see how all the costumes will look when on stage together, and how they fit. Plus it gave me some much needed practice with applying head pieces and false eyelashes!

Club uniform 

March - Pirates of the Caribbean

Rods - 76 Trombones


Free Arm - Cat in a Hat

Stage Review - Jungle Melody

And Folk dance to come, the costumes are not yet completed but they are red and white satin with gold sequins and look amazing. 3 weeks to the first competition, we can't wait!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Trip to the snow

For months we have been promising the kids a trip to play in the snow, and we finally did it! I took a week off work and pulled them out of school for a few days and we took off. Only a 3 hour drive to the nearest snow resort, not really a resort more a little village with a toboggan run.
Kids had a great time, we did quite a few hikes, played in many playgrounds, ate at alot of country bakery's and even rescued a horse from the road!
Some of my fave pics, we hiked to the summit and that's where the real snow was so they attempted to make snow angels and a snowman and they all ate some. lol. On the toboggan run it was man made snow so more of an ice chip than fluffy and white but still a great experience.
Next vacation? Queensland!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Charm Square Christmas

I found a nice stash of pre cut 5" charms in a box that I thought contained an iron? So on Thursday night I pulled out all the red, green and white print ones and sewed into pairs. Then I sewed into 4's. Then 2 lots of 4's. Then added another 4 and created 12 rows of 12. Creating a quick and easy quilt top.
Will make a nice gift for someone this Christmas, most likely a teacher or one of Cate's many dance coaches. I have folded up and put away for now, need to stock up on wadding then get into the spirit of sitting and quilting.