Monday, October 13, 2014

Before Christmas List

A self imposed deadline of December 24th, a mini challenge if you will with Emma. Lets get some progress happening! We have interstate visitors arriving on the 18th so I would like to have a semi tidy house by then.

1/. Finish the kids Santa sacks OR make new stockings

2/. Make 3 fun advent calenders to get the kids into the spirit

pic from eighteen25

3/. Finish the Pow Wow quilts.

4/. Gift 2 baby quilts, hoping to do this by the end of October. I cut them out on Saturday morning, a very simple pattern and the same fabrics so should be a quick finish. Note I said should be a quick finish.

5/.  My Tula Butterfly Quilt, would love to make a good start on it and finish it over the New Year. I have 8 days off from Christmas Eve to NYE so plenty of sewing time.

I bought the kit from here.

I think that's it, I have some other non sewing projects planned, some small home reno jobs and the planting of a veggie patch so with work and ushering at South Street plus end of year dance concert, rowing activities and the normal Christmas festivities I think I'm pretty busy.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quilts I want to make

These are just a few on my to do list, which when added to my WIP pile and my UFO pile its kinda large. Again, working and farm life which I adore (the farm not work!) really gets in the way of quilting!

Hello Happy by Janelle Wind 

Pixie Sticks from the magazine All People Quilt by Sandy Klop

Feather Bed by Anna Maria Horner

Apple Crate by Angeela @ Fussy Cuts

These are just a sampling, I am pinning up a storm on Pintrest and love seeing so many beautiful quilts. And crafts. And Sewing rooms, so many lovely sewing studios really puts my nook to shame. And on that note, I'm off to sew a new baby quilt.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Photo Thursday # 10

~ Neville our neighbouring cow ~ Spring! ~ Kevin admiring my 9 patch ~ Reuben and JoJo ~ reproduction 30's prints, a suprising score from Lincraft ~ Freearm costume ~ ha ha! ~ Kevin loves going in the car ~ Cate and Milo ~ watching the overlocker ~ off to camp ~ foggy mornings ~ Oliver and Kipper ~ March costume ~ 1000 dot to dot ~ Happy 14th Stuart xx ~

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New baby quilt

I am working on a new quilt, no pattern but I am making a tutorial as I go. It's coming together beautifully and I am impressed with my own rate of production! I am hoping to enter it into our local Agricultural Show so I have a deadline of November 5th. And then I will be gifting it to a colleagues new baby girl who is due to arrive in two weeks. 

Fabric's by Tanya Whealan, she has a blog but its not been updated in over 12 months. Sounds about right by my book!