Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo Thursday # 1

A new thing, a blog filler perhaps? Or something to look back. Either way its here to stay, introducing Photo Thursday, our fave snaps from the past week.
Oliver at the Dr's ~ Cate's japanese cat ~ embroidery threads ~ CIVI program ~ semi tidy stash ~ Cate trying on cat ears ~ Christmas decorations at Big W already ~ Happy 12th Birthday Stuart ~ rods headpiece ~ Kippy on a quilt ~ beds made ~ lime green balloons ~ zips! ~ cot quilt ~ aesthetics headgear ~Muffin enjoying the sun.


Bron said...

Nice collection of photos...looks like there has been some dance preparations going on mixed in with some creativity. x

Anonymous said...

Dropping by for Blogtoberfest. Adore your Photo Thursday - aren't kids and cats photogenic ?! Lol, I was stunned to find Big W full of Christmas deccies already! The scrapbooking section has all but disappeared and I only wanted a few things to add some pizzazz to Christmas cards. Ah well, I found what I wanted online instead, seeing as BigW thinks we won't scrap much till after Christmas.