Monday, July 30, 2012

Sheep and Alpaca Show

I took Oliver the the local Sheep and Alpaca show yesterday. When we get our farmlet I want some sheep. I have pretty much settled on the Wiltipol Sheep, despite them being marketed as lean meat sheep (we do NOT eat lamb). There pros - no shearing, no tails, good in wet conditions, high baby production and they apparently stay in there allocated paddocks, ha!

And to protect all my lambs, we will be needing a few Alpacas. Brown ones. One called Kerry and the other Rupert, lol.
Not sure how Oliver will go with the whole farming thing, he stepped in sheep poo and complained about the smell and was worried the sheep were going to bite him. But he was curious about the judging and seemed happy enough just to look. Really need to step up the hunt for our land so we can get this project happening.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The charms are rolling in

Rose sent a whopping 496 plus 87 Christmas prints!!
It's not to late to sign up, comment below and I will email you the details, the more the merrier.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagram Fun

Loving my iphone, some quick pics; strip pieced half square triangles. All 2.5" squares in bright modern prints. These are the corners from the boys quilts, need about 900 to make a single bed size, loving it so far.
And Cate who's so happy, happy, happy! We had family over on the weekend which equals a younger cousin to play with, oh how she misses her cousins in Perth. Lots of balloons and streamers, food and jelly, good times. No pinata though, maybe next time.
And Kipper, who is usually mad as, she hates the cold, hates visitors, the neighbours dog, the kids being loud after school, the bin truck, the vacuum cleaner and has a big fear of the mop.
Ok enough spam, quilt pics to come, have some serious WIP happening.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Charm Swap - including Christmas prints.

Lots of lovely participants in my charm swap, great to see some blogged posts too! I have been cutting and cutting, some of my fave prints in here including Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Kei, Kona, and novelty prints, Moda florals and some of my Spotlight lovelies.
I am also doing a separate Christmas swap, same 5" size but will keep these prints away from the other swap so you will only get Christmas prints back if you send some Christmas joy. Still plenty of time to sign up, post here.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coldest day in four years??

Really? Well it was cold but not so cold as to make it snow. And anything with a top of 10 is freezing for us, but we are hoping it gets colder so there will be some local snowfall.  I think the only one really loving this weather is Muffin, with his super thick coat he's either outside frolicing in the wind or indoors on one of the kids beds, preferably Cate's as he can camoflage himself and be left alone.
I spent most of yesterday watching the rain fall while working on the boys pow wow quilts. No idea why I decided to make two quilts the same, the repetitive cutting and chain stitching is so boring. I know they will look fantastic when completed, to me the quilt pattern screams boy. I just need to persevere and get to the next step and not let them become another WIP.
So far I have completed 180 top blocks, (you need 100 top and 100 bottom blocks per single bed quilt) so yeah, have a long way to go. Best get back to it.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5" scrappy charm swap

I have seen a few group swaps around and some lovely scrappy quilts made up, they make brilliant summer picnic rugs or perfect for draping over the couch, I just love them and have been meaning to make one for quite some time. The 5" square is so versitile to, join 9 together and make a disapearing 9 patch.
Or sew into rows and make a ragged edges quilt, they make excelent baby quilts and so warm and fluffy, and can be whipped up in a weekend...LIKE!
Or how about sewing right sides together and making a perfect half square triangle that can be turned into a pinwheel. Lots of options for the 5" square but I think my fave is the scrappy patchwork quilt look.
Anywho I thought I might put the call out for interested people to join in a charm swap. This will be a very simple swap, you have 1 month to cut as many 5" squares as you like and come 1st of August I will need you to post them to me where I will mix all the squares up and return new squares to you.
Squares must be cut at 5" from100% quilters cotton, and this is a perfect oportunity to clean up your scrap bin and get rid of some uglies!!
Interested? Sign up below and I will message my address closer to the date xx