Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Week

Book day today, the kids bought a note home 2 weeks ago and were full of suggestions for costumes. The note actually said "Please don't stress about the costume or go to any great detail or cost. While there is a prize for the best dressed, it is truly in the spirit of good fun". Ha!!Cate was easily pleased, wanting a butterfly costume, something like this was the plan, instead we ended up with this. I drew the wings freehand then traced out 2 satin pieces and wadding inner, sewed right sides together and turned out, then fused coloured circles on the front and back and then used my BSR2 for an all over stipple, great practicing for me but it took forever!! Total cost $12-Oliver slightly harder, Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, 100% my idea, I was given a huge box of this satin fabric, so bright just perfect for costumes but no good for dancing as it doesn't have any stretch. Pattern free from here, I cut the tunic out in pellum, sewed gold on one side (I wore my coat, with golden lining, bright colours shining, wonderful and new) and then sewed the stripes on the front, time consuming but fairly easy, I wanted to do some all over quilting but just ran out of time; total cost free; everything used from my stash! Jason Donovan as Joseph clip here And Stuart near impossible wanting to be in anything but a handmade costume, we settled for Anakin Sky Walker. I still feel bad he never got his sequined knight costume, next year!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Concert

Cate had her Family Concert today, lots of work for all the committee members making up raffle hampers, selling tickets at the door, food platters for sale...Some of my fave pics of the day, I took 437 photos!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Week Costumes

More cosumes, this time not for dancing, there for book week. Trying to only use from my stash, these butterfly wings for Cate have cost me less than $12-The boys can't decide what character they want to be, well, nothing realistic, Oliver wants to go as Captain Underpants!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today I have...

Sandwiched 2 mini quilts and 1 cot quiltWatched Kipper venture 4 doors down from roof to roof via trees, pergolas and fences, with the aim of catching herself a crowCleaned the glass sliding doors (only for Lottie to lick them again), vacumed the whole house, did 4 loads of washing, re-made 5 beds and made a potato bake for dinner.And to top my night off I just went to the video shop and rented season 1 of Brothers and Sister. Groan loudly did the Bob.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini comps

Mini comps were great, this was my first time as Costume Mum and I was also team photographer and backstage curtain puller! The girls are so great behind stage, as one team comes off and the next goes on they wish each other luck, such great little sports. Results 1st Place Mandurah (yay!) with 24 points, 2nd place Thornlie 11 points, 3rd place Carine on 10 points. Some fave pics of the day (I took over 200 photos!!) Cate ready to goRods, I love this red costume (love that it was already made!) Warming up for MarchHayley and Cate Freearm, dance was Hot Hot HotClubs, I love the hatsAesthetic, this is Cate's fave dance Family concert in 2 weeks and State Competition in 3 then bring on Solo's and Duos!