Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 Calisthenics State Championships

Our Mandurah club did so well today, winning the State Comps for Sub Junior B grade 2008. I have over 400 pics on my camera, I snapped away all day taking individual and group photos.
Mandurah Team 1 and 2 won every dance event, Cate's in Team 2 and 2A, her 2A team never placed for there 3 dances but they did so well with only 4 girls in the team and having to compete against our division 2 team for 3 events. They combined some of the category divisions, so for March our Team 1 and 2 were competing against each other and our team 2 never placed but they did win it last time. For the Fancy, our team 2 came 4th and our team 1 won.
Results Division 1
3rd 12 points Carine
2nd 15 points tie Phoenix 1 and Narrogin
1st 36 points Mandurah
Results Division 2
3rd 5 points tie Thornlie 2 and Narrogin 2 5 points
2nd Carine 14 points
1st Mandurah 2 24 points
Now for some photos! Cate in her Aesthetic (Graceful), Cinderella; I did all the sequining for theseClubs, I still Call Australia Home; Cate's fave danceMarch, We all live in a Yellow Submarine; my fave dance Rods, Were Happy Little Vegemites; (with her coach Kristy)Fancy (Mexican) La Raspa; with her trophy All the comps are over now, so we start exam prep! Next post, some quilting xx

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap sneak peak

I have finished my Miniature Booty Swap Doll Quilt! Using bright blues and a leaf green print, I quilted on the green print by using a free arm stipple with swirls. Measuring an impressive 17"; the pattern is called Crossed Canoes and I found it on this site.
Ready to be sent on Monday, I just need to make a label.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Day Out

Cate and I had a Big Day Out today! First we took the boys to school by bus then went down to Gloria Jeans by the foreshore for coffee and babychinos.Then we went over to the Justine Clark concert where all of our fave songs were sung and Cate got to pose for a photo and get her poster signed and I got to tell Justine what big fans we are! Then off to the Dome cafe with friends for lunch ,then over to the playground and a quick paddle in the water before heading off to get the boys from school! Phew!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look what I found...

The hunt was on, Australia wide, young and old crafters were out hunting for this fat flat, and I had it in my stash all along! oops!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cass Box Swap

Cass organised a mystery box swap and I was lucky enough to join in. I took out 3 items; Some fridge magnets, a bag of pom pom trim and a Moda Needlecase. In return, I will be putting in an Enid Gilchrist Magazine, a handmade pin cushion using my Prints Charming fabrics and complete with a packet of pins, and the cutest ever 1.5 inch jelly roll that I made using some of my Picket Fences fabric. Cass has also tagged me for a Tree of Happiness Award. So now I get to share 6 things that make me happy, and then tag 6 others for the award who can do the same.
My 6~
1. Cate. There is nothing more delightful then having a daughter, except maybe having 2 or 3!
2. My boys. Having two boys who are so close in age and the best of friends most of the time works incredibly well for us!
3. My animals / our pets, I am such a cat person but forever thankful that we have Lottie too. One day I will be one of those old ladies with 50 cats!
4. Making Christmas Gifts for the kids Teachers, I love making ragged edges quilts and the teachers are always so thrilled to receive them.
5. The Internet! How else would I of met so many great people and been able to buy so much great fabric?
6. My car, how great is it to get in a car, start the key and you just know it's going to start? And it has aircon and an excellent heater when needed.
I tag these bloggers~
AJ ~ a great quilter and a great friend
Island Kylie ~ a fellow EBer
Gina - a new blog for me, another multi talented mum
Monica - who has the best free table runner patterns on her blog
Xena - from my EB Quilt group
Helen - my sister dear.
Thanks Cass!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ironing Board Covers

Bob needed to use the ironing board for clothes (not quilt fabric) so he took everything off it and decided to also remove the top cover due to excess cat fur. He revealed 2 more hideous printed covers underneath which I have left on for padding. My nan bought me a blue floral one for Christmas a few years ago, but when I washed it the elastic disentegrated.
So 2 new ones have been made using Nigela fabric by Amy Butler. Before pics~
And After~
A thick decorative fabric, perfect for home furnishings but I think I bought it to make a bag? I got 1 metre of it when at Material Obsession during my trip to Sydney. I have a small amount left, perhaps enough for a cushion.
Using sheeting elastic, I could not get it to gather tight enough to fit snuggly so I have to get some ironing board suspenders to clip underneath. The cover looks great on, I just need to keep it cat free.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ragged Edges Cushion

Using some of my purple fabrics from my Cake Layer Swap and a size 16 insert from the cupboard, this cushion was made entirely from my stash. For Lucy for her 5th Birthday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

EB Table Runner Swap

My table runner, made for Island Kylie. Using a pattern called Crossroads Table Runner, from my Charmed and Dangerous book, I modified the pattern slightly so my red pieces were longer and more suitable to be machine quilted on. And I sewed the top, back and wadding together right sides together and then turned inside out and slopstitched the edge (Whalah! No binding!!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Helen's Birthday Quilt

A tad late, Helen's birthday was back in May but I had iss-ewes with the binding!! Titled Amanda's Blossom, using the Bento Box pattern and a Jelly Roll called Blossom by the Urban Chics. I don't even have my own pic of it, so you can see more here, Happy Birthday Sister Dear xx

Cate Cali Dance Make-Up

Here we have Cate looking mighty fine in her stage make-up ready for her 1st Calisthenics Competition held yesterday. This is our first stage performance so I am trusting the experts that she looks like she should.
She loves the crunchy hair!! To get a "do" like this, you divide the hair in half and the back section is put into a high pony tail and then teased to make a full bun, covered with 2 hair nets and secured with hair pins. The front section is then divided into 2, the back piece is teased up, hair sprayed and then boofed over and pinned, the front section is brushed straight and then over the teased section and secured with fringe pins. And then the whole lot is covered with mammoth amounts of hair spray!! And topped off with a hat or decorative head piece. Don't ask me how to do the make up, that's not my forte!!We had such a great day, a really early start leaving home at 6.10am to be on stage at 10.00am. Cate held it together really well, performing beautifully with no stage fear. Final results~ Figure March 1st Place; Aesthetic Exercises 1st Place, no place for Club Swinging, Rod Exercises or Free Arm; but overall Mandurah won the Division 2 Sub-Junior B Grade Competition by 15 Points!! So Cate is now sporting a fabulous Gold Medallion and 3 blue ribbons and is hooked for life. Our Division 1 team also won by 3 points and I later heard that we also won our Juniors and Seniors Divisions!! Bring on State Competitions in 3 weeks.