Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January WIP Challenge - Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods, a large single bed sized quilt for Cate. Sorry for the awful photos, will do a big blog post when her room decor is complete. Cate picked this layer cake out when we went Christmas Shopping at Ballarat Patchwork. I used nearly 2 layer cakes to get the desired size and left the blocks as a 10" square to show the prints off at her request.
I made my own bias binding for the curved corners, love the look and will definitely be doing this again. Backing was pieced using KAI dots and watermelon pink homespun, (both from my stash) and quilted straight lines and across the diagonal.
Squeak our woodland creature, always good for a pose, no foxes or hedgehogs in Ballarat.
This is my completed work in progress for AJ's WIP Challenge, more woodland delight to come as I finish Cate's room revamp.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sheep Dog Trials

So much fun, a great morning out. 5 dogs competing for the regional title, they had to take 3 sheep from the corner, bring them across the oval staying within the cone markers, go through an open gate, go through a double fenced walkway, up a ramp and off then over to another pen for the gate to be shut, all within 15 minutes.
First up, D'arcy, he sorted the sheep out in no time. Unfortunately for round 2 he just couldn't get them in the pen for the gate to be shut, round and round they went and he was getting hot so his trainer called him back.
Dog 2, Charlie. Another good competitor, very fast and keen to show off his sheep handling skills.
3rd was Sid, who was very shy and didn't want to go out, took some convincing to get him on the course. 4th dog was disqualified for going out of the marked area and 5th dog was a small brown Kelpie that was also very good.
Cate's pick was D'arcy. Reigning champion and happy for a pat. No idea who won, got to hot and after 3 hours I was ready to go home. will check the local paper for results mid week.
Cate would love a border collie and has plans of being on the course herself next year. We'll see. Oh and to quote the program, please don't to worry, with the lenient sentences handed out these days any dogs found guilty during these trials will only receive a slap on the paw.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

At the Park

At the local park, having some fun. 2 more weeks of school holidays, will it ever end??

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sherbet Pips

So cute and all mine, I have big plans for these little charms. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday # 2 Walk In the Woods quilt top

Quite a bit of progress on the quilting for Cate's bed quilt. I had to stay home today for our couches to be delivered (anytime from 9am to 6pm) so I took advantage of the clean house and enjoyed the quilting process. Maybe an hour left of quilting then I can decide on the binding.
I'm having trouble with Muffin, whenever I quilt he lays on top, so cold here today I can't really blame him. I normally try to work around him but he's so heavy to push up and down. Choofed off the the bedroom today.
Linked up here for WIP Wednesday.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

HST BOM - In colour Order block

yeah I know, another quilt along, like I need any more sewing projects. I'm excited about this one, shouldn't take more than an hour a month to complete. Or 2 hours if you want to make more than one quilt like me. Sign up here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sew and Tell Friday # 1 - Christmas Stars

The heat wave is over for now, it rendered me useless and took away my sewjo. I was focused working on Cate's single bed quilt, I have finished piecing the top and it's ready to sandwich but I can't use the spray glue inside (no ventilation) and when sprayed outside it dried so quick there was no stick, grrr. So I picked up my other WIP, the one I started Christmas night before Cate pleaded me to start her quilt. 
Pattern is Sawtooth Stars, I have made them 12" square for a wall hanging or a large lap quilt, 5 rows of 5 so 25 green stars in total. It took a few hours to find enough green prints and get them pieced the right way up, only 2 left to complete then I can piece the top, sandwich, quilt and put away for Christmas.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

EB Quilt Bee 2012

9 Bee members, all ready to go. First up is AJ who has chosen the Maverick Star. She will send out 8 packs made up of quilt block design, fabrics of choice, any suggestions and tips, and then we will each make 2+ blocks using some of our own fabric and post back for AJ to make her quilt. 
February - AJ
March - Bec
April - me
May - Denni J
June - Joy
July - Milly
August - Mands 

September - Island Kylie
October - Helen

Interested in starting your own quilt bee? More info can be found here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday #1 - Walk in the Woods Quilt top

After piecing Cate's quilt top and deciding it was too small, I added another row of squares all around and now just love the length it has added to the sides. I used nearly 2 layer cakes leaving just 12 squares to make a pillow or cushion with. Colours a tad off, quilt overcast here today, finally some cooler weather and I can get quilting.
Backing to be made up from my stash, grey kai dots and a watermelon pink homespun to run down either side. Binding undecided on, think it needs a spot or a stripe. Will sandwich tonight after dinner so I can use the dining table, then I can power through the quilting at night, heat is due to return early next week so I will try to get as much done as I can before then.
WIP # 1, linked up here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paralyzed in project overload

yep, that's me, paralyzed in project overload. So wanting to keep on task but the heat is stopping me from quilting, so I get another project out, then think oh I might quickly finish that softie and then I might cut fabric for a new lap quilt and then quick as I'll have 5 projects on the go, a big mess and no focus. So some groups to help keep me on task~
Work In Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Every Wednesday I will link up my WIP, will have one post showing what I am working on and what's been accomplished. I am going to use this for my quilting projects only, and try to just work on one main project and have a smaller crafty one.
12 WIP in 2012. AJ set this challenge up, you can read more here and enter the competition if you like. I plan on posting a completed WIP from my side list on the last day of each month. If I stay on track I should finish 12 projects in 12 months and have something to show in 2012, woot. 
Sew and Tell Friday, like WIP Wednesday but on a Friday. I am going to use to this group for projects other than my WIP list, mostly small quilt projects, softies, cushions, general craft...
And lastly I found this link, Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog meet. The plan is to show your creations from the last month, a mini recap if you like? I will start posting on the last Sunday of each month, I haven't linked up yet as I didn't do much in December other than revamp my blog.
And seeing as it is summer here, I am going to make this summer sampler, not sure when but it's on the list!! One project to many? We'll see, I am yet to mention the quilt bee I have joined and the FQ birthday swap.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Walk in the Woods quilt top

Cate's single bed quilt top has been pieced, I used all bar 2 of the layer cake squares. It looks a little bit small on her bed so I bought another one (before my fabric buying ban) and will add another row all around giving an extra 20 inches and some length at the foot.

I still want to add a small sashing in watermelon pink to match and will hunt down contrasting stripe or spot for the binding. Backing to be blue and I will make a matching pillowcase and cushions, I should have 18 squares to play with. I love this range, perfect for little ladies.

Early days yet, this may be my first finish for 2012. No idea how to quilt yet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

My resolutions? Well after last years fail of no chocolate and completing more than 6 quilts (really, how did I fail that one?), I might try them both again. But my main goal? Fabric restriction. Of course there needs to some exceptions~
  • Buying at a craft fair is ok
  • Homespun for a current project is allowed
  • Shopping from Bec anytime is ok
  • Flea Market Fancy pre orders are encouraged.
So who's joining me? 2012 is the year of the WIP so really, I won't be needing any new fabric anyway. I keep telling myself this. Over and over. While certain people laugh.

Fave quilt of 2011, Oliver's. Not that I had many to choose from. Other fave things; moving to Ballarat, land hunting, letting the kids experience so much more than we could offer them before and seeing the joy on there faces every.single.day. Happy 2012, here's to new beginnings!!