Sunday, October 7, 2012

Country Quilt Shop

I popped into a little quilt shop in Kyneton yesterday, they had a great selection but the price of quilt fabric was about $24 - $32 a metre, so I did more looking than buying however I snapped up the last 2 metres of this dance fabric, so sweet.
They had a great collection for a small town, also selling knitting and crochet supplies, lots of books, quilt kits and patterns and I think they may do classes too. So many quilt shops are closing down, they just can't compete with online prices.  
All there fabric was on the bolts, nothing precut else I would of snapped up some random pink fat quarters. I like strip FQ's but find I am using the square FQ shape in my lap quilts more.
I think they are changing business name too, they were in the process of moving from one building to another so will call back in a few weeks and have another look, I want to get some Tula Pink, so nice and bright. 

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AJ said...

Great eye candy Adds!