Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finished - February WIP Challenge - Black, White and Teal lap quilt

Made back in 2009, this quit was supposed to be for Cate's year 1 teacher, 3 years later and it's finished, I best call him and let him know.
Made from fabric strips from my stash, Spotlight, Textile Traders and the green came from Helen's stash, I think AJ, Milly and Emma also sent me some black and whites. Such good quilty friends.
Cate's teacher was the music teacher and also her Netball coach, he was a great mentor to all the students and such a friendly face in the school. I love the music print background, and the Beatles on the front, so fitting.
Only just getting this finished in time for my February entry, and just in time before it rained down. Last day of Summer? Wonder what Autumn will bring.
WIP list updated.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me Part 2

Fat Quarter's from the birthday swap I organised for our little online group. On your birthday you receive lots of nice FQ's in the colour preference of your choice. I asked for red, purple, aqua or grey and got some lovely fabrics. Two people know me so well and sent the same print, the delightful Apples from Aneela Hoey.
Other sewing gifts, some fabric and a SL voucher from the parents, I used part of the voucher to buy a pinking sheer rotary blade and the other part on some organic homespun. My main pressie was a new 8 seater dining table, love! The kids bought me some ornaments, 3 birds from Cate and 2 bunnies from Oliver. Stu got me a Dymo reverse print label maker that we have had alot of fun with labelling things unnecessarily. So my birthday is over, I feel very blessed this year.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bee Swap # 1 Maverick Stars

for AJ for her bee block. I had enough fabric to make 3 blocks; Orange
and Red. (AJ sent me enough white so I was able to make a third block).
Enjoy! Its my turn to send out blocks for March and after alot of hunting I have picked a scrappy version of a quilt called Granny Squares. My fabric is all cut, I just need to write up the instructions and post.  9 people in our bee, will ask my BFF Emma to make me a block to even out the balance.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to me Part 1

36, hooray, I actually thought I was 35 and I got my birthday date wrong, turning into a crazy old cat lady a tad early. My birthday was last Sunday, I woke to a pancake breakie with the kids and we opened some pressies. My fave pressie, the most divine wall hanging from Helen, I love pebble quilting, my sister is so good at it!

Close up shot, little neat stitches. Its actually the only thing hanging up on a wall in this house besides Emma's wol quilt. Colours match my sewing room perfectly, very happy birthday person here thanks to my sister dear.
My other fave gift is Dawn, yes I now own one Blythe, there will be no doll further collecting in this house, one is enough thanks! Dawn was actually named after Helen as when Cate saw her she said she looked exactly the same as her Aunty Helen, now how's that for a compliment!
I received some other lovely gifts too, just waiting for a few more FQ's to arrive from my birthday swap and then I will blog them in a seperate post.
On my birthday we went and had a roast lunch with some family, where we all got some form of food poisoning causing Stu to vomit the whole way home, Cate to cry the whole way home as she got spew splatter on her arm, and Oliver doubled over with severe cramps so a one hour trip took nearly 2 hours and poor Bob ended up in hospital the next day on a drip for pain relief and dehydration. All in all a memorable birthday and my extended holiday is officially over as I am back at work. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Two more down

Everyone is back at school, yay! These two are very happy, they were ready to start a month ago. Thick red fleecy jumpers, there double layer and so warm.
Cate is in year 4 and Stu in year 6, final year of Primary School here. His teacher seems great, very sporty and plans on getting the boys into cricket at lunch.
I love Cate's new bag, Little Wols. Only $9 from Kmart, bargain. We bought 2 as not sure on expected lifespan.
School run takes 40 minutes, we drop Oliver at the cross walk and have to drive past 6 other schools in peak hour traffic all 40km zones, we go through 2 sets of traffic lights, 3 round abouts and 4 school crossings. I drop them at the corner, there is no car park, seriously not even a drop and run section. Afternoon pick ups are interesting.  
However one good thing is that there school is on the same street as The Crafty Squirrel.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

High School Boy

yep, he's going to High School.
His bag weighed down with books, they have a locker with a combination lock, we practiced using it heaps so fingers crossed he can get his books in and out.
With 250 other kids in his year group he is going to make lots of new friends, go on camp, do lots of homework and enjoy new experiences such as rowing regatta's and class science experiments with bunsen burners.
He's also wants to master German, travel using the public bus and play a musical instrument (please not the drums!!)
 Love you Mr Ver my grown up high schooler, only 6 more years ahead of you then onto Uni, yipee.