Monday, March 31, 2008

Pincushions - One free to good home.

Another project completed from my To Do list. Pin Cushions!Made from Denise Schmidt fabric, these 3 tiered pin cushions are so cute. I got the pattern from an American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, instead of using a yoyo on the top I added a button. And as the first one turned out so great, I made 5 more! One for Helen, one for Mum, one for my best friend Anne, one for AJ's dog and one for??? Leave a comment below and go in the draw to win one. Drawn on Friday after Cate's dance class, good luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Grace and Cate with there hunted-ed eggs!Cate in her Mambo Bunny top that Ingrid convinced me to buy when we were out shopping together in Sydney! Thanks Ingrid, we love it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chloe's Closet - Finished!

My first quilt for the year complete, Chloe's Closet. Not the best pictures, the sprinklers came on and the light was fading fast!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fabric Ban

I have decided to put myself on a strict buying ban until the Craft Fair on May 23rd (also someones birthday!) So, for 70 days I will not be buying any fabric or sewing related stuff (magazines, patterns, craft books, wadding, wool,) but will allow for the occasional less then $5 absolutly nescesary purchase if needed (thread, new rotary blade...) I have so much here, and big plans of using up some stash. Who wants to join me?

The Kings Mystery

I finished putting together AJ's Mystery Quilt today. I love the pattern, but I think my colours are too similar, it needed more of a contrasting fabric for the pinwheels to pop?I just have to add the border, I only have enough fabric to use stripes going out or mini mosaic squares?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cate and Squeak

Cate and Squeak, chillin watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spotlight Sale

Spotlight had a 20% off sale today so I had to go and have a squizz. I found a trolley full of reduced Flat Fats, down to $1.19 each, I bought 11 for my Dear Jane. Just waiting for the software to arrive so I can catch up to the other participants!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crab Fest

Crab Fest 2008
The kids loved it! Games, rides, crab catching and a big stick of "Floffe"!

Sydney Trip

I am home from Sydney! Spent Friday catching up with kids school work, washing, cleaning, Cate had her dancing lesson, then cooked dinner, kids hair washing...back into full mummy mode = no time for the computer!
The kids are thrilled to have me back (i.e. get presents) as was Little Cat who did not seem to enjoy the "Rein of Bob"; Muffin did not want to know me, cross that I left him, but since yesterday afternoon he has not left my side, he's sitting on a chair next to me now.
Ingrid and I did some great kids clothes shopping in the City on Monday, we got Cate and Lottie matching Country Road cardis, and Ingrid talked me into buying a pink Mambo bunny top for Cate to wear at Easter. We also went to Kinokuniya however all we left with was a $10 Pokemon Book for Oliver!
My fave shop was the Remnant Warehouse, the staff were so nice and friendly and the fabric very yum. I got some Blossom Urban Chics fabric (to go with the Jelly Roll I already have), 6 Prints Charming FQ's and a Moda Nursery Rhyme FQ pack. Also a 2 metre remnant of a mottled green backing fabric (perfect for some of my Christmas projects)Story Time and Nursery Rhyme by Moda, ideal for a future teddy / doll quilt swap.Material Obsession, I wasn't feeling very well on Tuesday so I never got to enjoy the store but I had to buy something so I selected a precut 1 metre piece to make a poofay from. Craft Depot, many thanks to Cass for taking us there; I found this delightful red, blue and pink floral print; I got a half metre of 12 fabrics to use on a quilt for the lounge room. Plus some various 20cm strips ideal for my Dear Jane and various applique projects. I had a fantastic time, Sydney has such great shopping, I have added another 4 quilting projects to my list, I am overwhelmed with choice and do not know what project to start on next!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Were off to Sydney!

Helen and I are off to Sydney, this time tomorrow we will be having High Tea with Cass and Ingrid! I can't wait! My suitcases are packed and sitting at the door, the house is tidy, the freezer full of meals, my sewing area semi organised and the cupboard is full of cat food! See you all soon!

Someone's getting mail...

I posted this parcel today (decorated by Cate) to say thanks to a special friend who is such a kind person and so generous with there time Xx. Watch your letter boxes!