Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

My resolutions? Well after last years fail of no chocolate and completing more than 6 quilts (really, how did I fail that one?), I might try them both again. But my main goal? Fabric restriction. Of course there needs to some exceptions~
  • Buying at a craft fair is ok
  • Homespun for a current project is allowed
  • Shopping from Bec anytime is ok
  • Flea Market Fancy pre orders are encouraged.
So who's joining me? 2012 is the year of the WIP so really, I won't be needing any new fabric anyway. I keep telling myself this. Over and over. While certain people laugh.

Fave quilt of 2011, Oliver's. Not that I had many to choose from. Other fave things; moving to Ballarat, land hunting, letting the kids experience so much more than we could offer them before and seeing the joy on there faces Happy 2012, here's to new beginnings!!

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