Monday, January 2, 2012

Walk in the Woods quilt top

Cate's single bed quilt top has been pieced, I used all bar 2 of the layer cake squares. It looks a little bit small on her bed so I bought another one (before my fabric buying ban) and will add another row all around giving an extra 20 inches and some length at the foot.

I still want to add a small sashing in watermelon pink to match and will hunt down contrasting stripe or spot for the binding. Backing to be blue and I will make a matching pillowcase and cushions, I should have 18 squares to play with. I love this range, perfect for little ladies.

Early days yet, this may be my first finish for 2012. No idea how to quilt yet.


Sally said...

It looks delightful. I'd like to make a quilt in 2012 too... I've never made one.

I just adore your choices in fabric.

Emma said...

Well done Adds/Cate. I agree about adding the extra rows - but isn't it a bit late to be adding sashing after the piecing?! I'd just add a border instead - same colour. For the quilting - I'd do an allover feather.

The Humming Cat said...

I was thinking of adding a small sashing then another row of blocks but decided to sew more blocks, omit the sashing and look at a red border? Or not and just bind. Hmmm.