Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! My finished quilts for 2010

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and set themselves some new challenges for 2011, mine are to go without chocolate for 365 days (gulp), travel more, I also have some mini career goals and of course, more sewing! I set myself a personal goal to complete more quilts than last year, not hard as I only made 5 and 2 were doll quilts! This year I have managed 6, woot! I have 2 more that are fully quilted and just need the binding sewn onto them, and another that is sandwiched and I have started quilting; so I am hoping to have 3 finished quilts in the next few weeks.
In January 2010 I made Black, White and Pink All Over for a friends 40th, I love this quilt, it came together quickly and was mostly from my stash. A work college had a baby girl in February so Sea Life was made to match her nursery decor. April came, I whipped up a Disappearing 9 Patch for a 30th Birthday gift, if I focus I can make one of these lap quilts in a week, IF, lol. I also completed another baby quilt for my manager who had a son, that we are yet to meet (I think he's afraid to bring him into work as were all a little baby crazy!!)
In August I completed Stuart's Two Rail Fence I made this quilt from a free pattern on Mary's blog, I just love it and his fave colour is lime green so he's happy with it.In December I made another Disappearing 9 Patch for Cate's dance teacher, mostly the same as the other but I added some aqua homespun. I have found these are great universal quilts, so hope to make a few and put away for gifts, less personal but great for the time poor worker, and I find that the Amy Butler daisy chain print suits sea side dwellers.So there you have my 6 quilts for 2010. Peak sewing times seams to be whenever I manage to get some holidays and there was a big lapse from May to July when I was sewing dance costumes. All in all, pat on the back for me, I work full time supporting a family of 6, the kids have sport commitments nearly every night, I run a Guinea Pig rescue, volunteer at the school, help fund raise for our Bali sponsor child and I would like to dabble in the occasional market, so my aim for 2011 will be to complete eleven glorious quilts! Eleven!! (with 3 nearly done plus 7 = one more than I made in 2010, lol)


Cee said...

Super woman...that should be your new name!! :)

Lily Mulholland said...

Adds, well done! I love the D9P quilts you made as well as the rail fence. Well all of them really, but they're my faves :)

Wishing you lots of quilty happiness in 2011!

Lily Mulholland said...

Oh, and no chocolate for a year? Are you possessed? LOL

Bec Clarke said...

wow nice haul for the year. Well done

Austy's Mum said...

That's about 5 more than me! And I didn't have all that calli sewing to do either! Thanks for the Chrissy card, and you are more than welcome to come for a swim in our pool when you come to SA.