Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January WIP Challenge - Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods, a large single bed sized quilt for Cate. Sorry for the awful photos, will do a big blog post when her room decor is complete. Cate picked this layer cake out when we went Christmas Shopping at Ballarat Patchwork. I used nearly 2 layer cakes to get the desired size and left the blocks as a 10" square to show the prints off at her request.
I made my own bias binding for the curved corners, love the look and will definitely be doing this again. Backing was pieced using KAI dots and watermelon pink homespun, (both from my stash) and quilted straight lines and across the diagonal.
Squeak our woodland creature, always good for a pose, no foxes or hedgehogs in Ballarat.
This is my completed work in progress for AJ's WIP Challenge, more woodland delight to come as I finish Cate's room revamp.


AJ said...

Beautiful Adds!! Love your creature photo!

Emma said...

Well done Adds!

Carmel Morris said...

Well done. Glad it was worthwhile doing the curved corners. Looking forward to better pictures.

Sarah said...

Very cute quilt and critter! Good call on Cate's part to leave the squares at 10".

princess pudge said...

love the curved corners and your gorgeous little "creature" :)