Thursday, January 5, 2012

EB Quilt Bee 2012

9 Bee members, all ready to go. First up is AJ who has chosen the Maverick Star. She will send out 8 packs made up of quilt block design, fabrics of choice, any suggestions and tips, and then we will each make 2+ blocks using some of our own fabric and post back for AJ to make her quilt. 
February - AJ
March - Bec
April - me
May - Denni J
June - Joy
July - Milly
August - Mands 

September - Island Kylie
October - Helen

Interested in starting your own quilt bee? More info can be found here.


Car said...

Oh :( I must of missed this thread when it was being organised - would have been lovely to join in :)

Hope you girls have fun :)

~LilOlFrankie~ said...

I think I missed it too Car :o(