Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sheep Dog Trials

So much fun, a great morning out. 5 dogs competing for the regional title, they had to take 3 sheep from the corner, bring them across the oval staying within the cone markers, go through an open gate, go through a double fenced walkway, up a ramp and off then over to another pen for the gate to be shut, all within 15 minutes.
First up, D'arcy, he sorted the sheep out in no time. Unfortunately for round 2 he just couldn't get them in the pen for the gate to be shut, round and round they went and he was getting hot so his trainer called him back.
Dog 2, Charlie. Another good competitor, very fast and keen to show off his sheep handling skills.
3rd was Sid, who was very shy and didn't want to go out, took some convincing to get him on the course. 4th dog was disqualified for going out of the marked area and 5th dog was a small brown Kelpie that was also very good.
Cate's pick was D'arcy. Reigning champion and happy for a pat. No idea who won, got to hot and after 3 hours I was ready to go home. will check the local paper for results mid week.
Cate would love a border collie and has plans of being on the course herself next year. We'll see. Oh and to quote the program, please don't to worry, with the lenient sentences handed out these days any dogs found guilty during these trials will only receive a slap on the paw.....


Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I love watching sheep dog trails although not so common up North.

DH has got himself a border collie pup to train up. Should make working with the sheep a wee bit easier.

Sarah said...

I love sheep dog trials. We used to have a Blue heeler but all he herded was a soccer ball.