Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WIP Wednesday

This morning was a mad rush, I had to get Stuart to the bus stop by 8.23, Cate to school 8.30 and Olivers going on a school camp to Melbourne for 3 days so he had to be at the train station by 9am. And in Bob's wisdom he told the NBN guy someone would be home between 8-12, um I drive them to school everyday?? 
So I raced home for 9.00 after leaving a sign on the door, find the NBN guy in the drive scoping out the work from inside his van, he sits there for a bit then says he will go do another job as technically I wasn't here, and will come back. So he did, around 11am, all good. And it rained the whole time.

So today's sewing, I cut the rest of the orange 10" squares for Oliver's quilt and pulled out a mid grey from my stash, I had 3m of it so enough for the blocks and binding. I thought the grey might look a little different to the normal white I would use, so far i like it. I got all 48 sewed then cut and pressed to form the HST. I don't have a design wall to lay them out on so will use his bed tomorrow to look at the placement.

I've just realised Cate has double booked herself  Friday night, she has a school ghost tour excursion and we also have tickets to another schools musical production, best sort that one tomorrow. Either way, no sewing will happen until Sunday so i best get these blocks layed out and pinned. 

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