Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Chevron Quilt with Jenny Doan

I love watching Missouri Star Quilting tutorials, Jenny Doan is so personable, and makes everything look so easy. I saw her Chevron quilt on Facebook and then came across the tutorial, it's made from 2 layer cakes sewn into big blocks and with borders added it's a queen size quilt or there abouts.  
Now that Oliver's in a queen size bed, he has outgrown his single bed orange quilt, so I have pulled out all the oranges from my stash and cut 48 orange squares all 10" (two from each print and a few singles). Some of these prints were in his first orange quilt, some from my stash and some I bought in Melbourne knowing he still likes orange. I've used the last of my ribbon flowers from my flea market fancy stash (sob). Each block when sewn together nets 4 HST, i have 186 to work with. 
My first thought was this could easily be sewn as weekend project, and it totally could be, but I've given myself 2 weeks to get it completed and off to a quilter, hopefully back in time for his birthday in October (because what boy wouldn't love a quilt for their 18th birthday??) He is going on camp tomorrow and back Friday afternoon so i will try and get it pieced out wihout him seeing it. Video tutorial here or a pattern can be purchased here but you don't really need it, just watch the video, its less than 5 minutes long. Oh and she has an app too which is a lovely read.  

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