Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two University's in one day.

Up early and off to Deakin University in Geelong, Cate was participating in a Tournament of Minds (TOM) challenge. She didn't want us to come and spectate, so Oliver and I went and did some shopping for his camp, $100 later he's sorted and has yet another Coke t-shirt.

Cate was finished by 10.30am, we were going to go to the beach but she's still recovering from an ear infection and it was just so cold and I could see a massive rain cloud coming, so we got some hot chocolate and hopped back in the car. We did want to explore the Uni grounds, the landscaping was beautiful with gardens and ponds, lots of footpaths. Oliver did comment Kevin would love it, and then was saw a wild rabbit running up the path so yeah, Kev would love it all right.

Fed Uni had its Ambition Day on so we came home via the Mount Helen campus. Oliver met with the IT tutors and had a bit of a chat, he will go back in October for a class tour and then enrol in hCert III. We had a discussion about classes, times, dates, fees, so he feels a little more prepared now. Cate wanted to see the Arts facility but that was being held at Camp St.

It was so cold, and starting to hail so we went to the Hands On Alley. Oliver got given a marigold by the Horticultural tutor and chatted with all the other trades like plumbing, electrical, ag, rural science...we did suggest he take advantage of the mobile hairdressing display and offer himself up as a model but alas no.

Non stop hail now, but it melts before i can get a pic. No snow yet.

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