Sunday, September 3, 2017

Happy Fathers Day and orange quilt progress

A busy few days. Oliver came home from camp on Friday arvo so I took an early mark and picked him up. Cate and I had tickets to see a local schools musical production at 7.30pm, then we went out for hot chocolate and macarons afterwards. Saturday I worked 8-4 then came home, Cate had a friend over and Bob and I went to a friends house for dinner leaving the teenagers to fend for themselves. We has a Spanish feast as friends just got back from a holiday in Spain, I made a black bean and corn salad and lime pork, was so so.

Today is Fathers Day, my dads on holiday in Cambodia spending my inheritance! We got Bob a dud gift, a kambrook egg and bacon muffin maker, he likes egg and bacon muffins but the precooking of the bacon and the mess it makes, not sure its worth it. Ill do better with his birthday. 

I spent most of today sorting and culling, a neverending process here, but the less we have the less to keep on top off. I also spent 2 hours sewing some last minute costume stuff, I will finish the last bit tomorrow night. And I cut and pressed all of the HST for Oliver's quilt, I'm going to arrange into light and dark rows, hopefully some progress will be made on Wednesday. 


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