Friday, August 25, 2017

National Jelly Roll day

I have 3 jelly rolls designers to choose from; Kate Spain, Denyse Schdmit or Bonnie and Camille. To but one they are about $66 each, plus post. I did buy a layer lake and a jelly roll for $105 including post on a destash site, I thought that was a good deal, lovely seller too. I am leaning towards Cuzco by Kate Spain but I have no extra fabric so won't be able to add sashings and the backing would have to be generic as this range is out of print now.

I've been googling "free jelly roll patterns" for inspiration and browsing both Insta and Pintrest. I don't want a pattern that involves a lot of cutting and I'm not a fan of the Jelly Roll race, so something in between. I like the herringbone patterns and I'm still fond of the bento box.  Either way, a few more weeks to get sorted. 

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