Sunday, September 17, 2017

National Jelly Roll day - part 2

Coming together nicely, maybe 4 hours in? Sewed straight from 9-11am then did a little bit of housework, then had to head off around 2pm. There will be a part 3 post to ensure this quilt top doesn't become a WIP.
The lattice strips have come together nicely, I am really liking the effect it creates. The pattern recomends that you press inbetween which adds time, I only did this for the first row, you can't tell I skipped this step for the other rows. 
Fun fact, each row takes less than 25 minutes, totally a weekend project. 
I had to stop at 2pm and head into town, Cate lost one school shoe last week so we needed to buy another pair, and she had tickets to go see a local production of the The Wiz. I walked part of the lake with my friend and her very excitable dog, we stopped and had a latte and then walked back, it was freezing.
Headed home for an easy dinner, Oliver's cooking parmas and wedges and I've made a quick salad, I hope to get the last 2 rows done of the Jelly Roll quilt but I have school uniforms and work clothes to iron. I am counting down until my holidays, I need a break.         .