Saturday, September 16, 2017

National Jelly Roll day - part 1

So today is National Jelly Roll day, pretty exciting for us quilters right? I didn't plan my work roster brilliantly, I worked 8-1 and we have a formal work dinner for Bob's work at 7pm so not much time for sewing. So I am considering this a 24 hour challenge, this afternoon is mostly prep work and the bulk sewing will come tomorrow.  

I've chosen a jelly roll from my stash, Cuzco by Kate Spain. Pattern is from the Moda Bakeshop, link here. It's called Sultry but more commonly known as a French braid quilt.   

It took me about an hour to unroll, iron, cut and sort into 7 piles. It's a scrappy look quilt, but as each strip only yields 6 pieces and you sew into 7 rows, I sorted to ensure an even mix in each row. 

All 40 strips are used on the braid so I will need to source more fabric for sashing or go with a plain colour. I found half a metre on Etsy so the bindings sorted, and maybe a plain border will be ok, will find out soon enough. 

Part 2 tomorrow, hopefully with a finished quilt top to show.