Monday, September 4, 2017

An exhausting day at work

And tomorrow will be just as bad, but were hopeful for snow. Its freezing here, there was snow near Beauford, we just got rain and hail. I left my jacket at home so had to food shop in extreme tempretures, 2 degrees at 5pm.

Some online fabric shopping with my niece, were going to have matching cat quilts made from Tula Pinks Tabbey Road collection. Mine will be the blue, and her's the Strawberry Fields. The cat tin print will be the backing and the stripes the binding. Super cute. Ill make a matching cushion too. 

12 hour work day tomorrow so an early night, rowing starts at 7.20am so breakfast out with Oliver and he can hang at the boat shed from 8am then walk to school with the rowers, I know the weathers going to be icy as at 7am, not looking forward to it.