Monday, April 26, 2010

Orange, Brown and Blue quilt top

A work friend is due in a few days with her fourth baby, she doesn't know the sex of her baby will be (I am leaning towards girl) so I was going to make both a boy and a girl quilt to be prepared. I love this brown and orange combo, but I don't think this quilt is boyish enough, the butterfly print is a tad girly, but it's not really girly girl so it looks like we may have to keep this one!!Fabrics include Heather Ross Lightining Bugs, Denise Schmidt Katie Jump Rope, and Amy Butler Lotus. The Heather Ross fabric was hard to stipple over, the fabric is super soft and it was like my needle couldn't get a good grip.All over stipple quilted in a pale grey thread, quilt measures 42" x 46", have thrown it in the wash and its now in the tumble drier so expect will loose another inch or so.Inspired by this quilt here, I just love it!


AJ said...


You are making great use of your holidays!!!

Emma said...

Well done; your quilting looks great!

Cass said...

Adds I love it and I think it could be for a boy or girl