Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meekatharra Sewing

I only took the basics away with me to Meekatharra; my sewing machine, rotary mat, ruler and cutter, some pins, thread, ergonomic unpicker, spare rotary blade, 2 quilt kits and a stack of Castle Peeps fabric I bought from Bec. First up, I sewed my Huts kit from Dyed and Gone to Heaven. Unfortunately I forgot my vlisofix so it's hutless in these pics, but I love the colours and I think it looks quite passable as an abstract quilt. I bought the kit about 3 years ago from the craft fair, the pattern could do with a little more instruction imo and more fabric really is needed, I had to make the smaller blocks using a scant 1/8th seam and was quite worried about running out. Also there are no set instructions on how to sew the blocks together in a particular order, so I would say that this quilt is best suited for an intermediate quilter who's up for a challenge. Next quilt, my squares. I bought this kit when I went to Melbourne so also a good 2 and a half years ago. I did buy 2 kits the same and gave one to my mum in a blue and brown colourway and mine was in the pink. When I was sewing it up I was a tad unsure about some of the prints but I think it has come together beautifully. Generous amount of fabric, there was enough fabric to make 7 squares from each print not the suggested 6, so my quilt is bigger and I have some quares left over for a matching cushion. I thought it would be for Cate's bed, but I think it suits an older girl so will put away for now and maybe when she's 10 pull it out and have it quilted. And from my Castle Peeps fabric, a while ago I was inspired by this quilt and I cut and sewed 116 mix tape blocks all 6" to make 2 single bed quilts and 4 matching cushions, photos to come. I bought the sashing yesterday amd have been sewing on and off over the weekend, I hope to finish the tops in the next 2 weeks, before the bunks arrive!


Helen said...

Wow! You got heaps done! Love the blue and green quilt, nice artistic shots using the landscape, very noice!

Cee said...

I love the beautiful and unusual locations for your beautiful quilt photos.