Monday, March 1, 2010

Sea Life Baby Quilt

I wanted to make a baby quilt for a work colleague who is expecting her second baby girl. I also work with her mum so I asked her about colours she may like for the quilt and was told that the nursery is decorated in a sea theme. I was lent the wall hangings so I could match up fabrics, and it was suggested that a bassinet sized quilt would be perfect. The colours and style is so not me, (I don't like satin stitching appliques) but I accepted the challenge and came up with this 26" square quilt which I hope that they like.Using purple, aqua and white homespun for the blocks, I sandwiched and quilted in the ditch around each seam. Then added some orange coral for brightness and free motion appliqued on. Then I appliqued on 3 turtles using blanket stitch. The turtles are the same size and shape as the ones in the wall hanging (I photocopied and traced onto vlisofix first).Backing is a pastel spot, binding is the same purple spot I have used on 2 of the turtles. I hope that they like it and use it, I will gift it tomorrow. Onto my next project!


Leah said...

Nice job! It's sooo much better than the wallhangings... and I love the coral.

Liam's Mummy said...

I like the coral too. It is like the "new improved version" of the wall hanging.

AJ said...

Cute Ads! Look like the same 'sea' stuff we have for Aden's room!
I didn't like the wall hangings though and could do a much better job myself!

AMIT said...

You are doing a good job.

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