Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Easter Break sewing

I never got as much sewing done as I hoped too over the 4 day Easter break, we have been out and about plus I wanted to get the kids rooms cleaned from top of the cupboards to under the beds. I have to go back to work tomorrow, but only a 4 day week then I am on holidays for 2 whole weeks. I wanted to get some of the boring house work stuff out of the way, like reorganising the pantry so things stopped falling on me, and sorting the linen cupboard so again, things stop falling on me.I started making a stacked coins quilt using my Glace Honey Bun, but thought I had better check with the intended recipient, and was told her fave colours were sea green and blue, so I have put away my stacked coins, pulled out my Amy Butler Daisy Chain and have started working on a disappearing 9 patch, with a twist (twist yet to be revealed!)I hope to get the top completed this week, and then start the quilting on the Saturday so I can gift it asap. My first week of holidays will be spent at home with the kids, we have planned a few things like sleepovers, trips to the park, a day in the city and maybe go to the movies. The second week, they will be at school so I am going to sew, sew, sew!!


Helen said...

What a great tutorial to use!

Sarah said...

We have things falling on us too, especially since I am short and can't reach the top shelves.

Can't wait to see the what you're going to do with the disappearing nine patch! I'll stay tuned.