Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm on holidays

For two glorious weeks!!! Sewing list in no particular order~

  • DONE Disapearing 9 Patch - 20% done, need to complete and gift
  • Black, White and Teal Quilt - sew binding down, label and gift
  • Twiggy - top to be completed
  • Glace Stacked Coins - top be be completed
  • Hour Glass Quilt - blocks to be completed
  • Dance Leotards - 3 trial sizes to be made
  • Cushions - for the couches and floor
  • Scrapbooking - work on Cate's dance album
  • Baby Quilt for Mel

hmmm, this list should keep me busy for a while. The kids will be at school for the second week plus there's a long weekend for Anzac Day. The weathers gotten cooler here, hoping for some more rain. Muffin is enjoying the cooler weather, all that fur he get's hot easily. He likes to sleep sideways on our bed stretched out, but no room for anyone else, so as soon as I am up he's in.So naturally he is the reason I can't make our bed in the morning. Well that's my excuse anyway.

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AJ said...

Great List Ads! You'll power through that in no time!