Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cate's Notice Board

I think I am quite crafty. I see something in a magazine and think I can do that. Or I see something at the shops and think I could make that cheaper and nicer. But sometimes my creations don't work out (like the button wreath that no one will ever see except Emma and she had to shield her eyes!). Sometimes my craft endeavours work out more expensive. Or sometimes they just cause me so much grief I think why didn't I just buy one!! For example, Cate's new noticeboard.To the non crafty eye it looks great, Cate loves it and she thinks I am super fantastic and "oh so clever".But for me, all I see is the stress it took to get the ribbon to sit right. I pinned it, and stapled it down then it moved or it twisted or just looked naff, then I ran out of ribbon so had to buy more, then the staple gun was pausing before firing and OMG the stress. So I had to get a man to do it. A man. A non crafting, couldn't care less, beard growing man. Humph.There's heaps of free tutorials to make your own, basically you cover an art canvas board with some wadding and top fabric, use a staple gun to secure and then attach ribbon across the board omiting the need for pins. We also added some self covered buttons and glued them to the ribbon and fabric so photos wouldn't slide through.Project cost about $15 to make, and a normal person could proberly complete in a few hours, it took me half a day and a glass of wine! Tutorial available here and here.


Emma said...

Not only did I have to shield my eyes, I have to shield my bags to make sure the thing (rejected later by Adds' garbos, I should add) didn't somehow come home with us!

Cass said...

Only one glass of wine. I think you really need to show that button wreath

Heather - said...

I want to see the button wreath! You should post it at!