Sunday, October 25, 2009

Post 25 ~ Cate's Solo Costume

I hated working the last school holidays, I should of been home having fun with the kids. Especially on Wednesday's, Cate had 2 dancing classes that Bob had to sit through.Solo and Duo competitions are on November 1st, only one more week of practice. Her last practice on Tuesday is a full dress rehersal, for her solo we have gone with a Christmas theme, dancing to "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year". Costume is made from a deep burgandy velvet with silver dots all over, $15 a metre at Spotlight, leotard pattern by Butterick $13, (it is actually an Ice Skating Pattern number 6660), generous in size, Cate is wearing a 4, the skirt is attached and has a full twirl, I love it. I bought the fur trim in Adelaide from DanceFX, $6.50 a metre and the sequins from Spotlight $5 a metre, I sewed both on by hand and hot glue gunned the snowflake motif on the ends for extra security. I had to buy a new glue gun $8, and extra glue sticks $3. Not sure about the headpiece yet, she is going to wear a wiglett so will proberly just attach some little silver beads on wire that I found for $2 a packet.Present prop, I bought a $3 box and covered in a stiff silver brodergie type fabric that was $4 a metre and hot glue gunned down. I added a velvet burgandy trim $5 a metre and some red, green and silver curly ribbon $2. I glued them on in the centre and after seeing the pic above I have stretched out the ribbon to the edges and glued down to cover the silver, Cate has to shake the present and lift up in the air so want it to be effective from where the judges sit. I have not glued the lid down, its held on quite secure, Cate wanted to be able to reuse the box for treasures.Cate will be competing in the seven year old group even though she is still six (based on your age come 31st December), 17 girls in the solo section so some competition, the duo looks easier with 5 pairs competing and 5 places!


Helen said...

Go Cate! She looks beautiful Ad! Sounds like the $8 glue gun was a good investment.

AJ said...

Cate is Gorgeous!! You hard work is soooo worth it to see that smile!