Friday, October 9, 2009

Post 9 ~ 10 reasons why we should move to Ballarat (Victoria)

1/. Wide open spaces with room for a pony (need the Mercedes and swimming pool too!)
2/. Ballarat is the heart of Calisthenics.
3/.The chance of snow come winter.
4/. Ballarat Patchwork for all my shopping needs.
5/.Ballarat Quilters for some social fun.
6/.Amitie Textiles just down the road.
7/. Upholstery Gallery for something different.
8/.Ballarat Steakhouse, the best meal I have EVER had.
9/. We have the opportunity to go with very little disruption to the kids schooling.
10/. Why not??


sibylle said...

mmmmh, I may be out of line, but remember why you said a little while ago you would not move?!! Feel free to delete this :) xox

Jenny said...

Go for it, people are too afraid to change things.

The Humming Cat said...

I know Sybille, but I really do want to go!

sibylle said...

Then go for ti! (would it be difficult to come back if you don't like it?)
What about Helen and your mum, it's not easy without support network...
I would love to move, too, have really itchy feet atn, so can really understand. If you and DP can get jobs then I would give it a try, you live only once and don't want to think "what if" all your life ;)

Cass said...

And there's also the Queen of Selvedge (Jodie) and there's more chance I might be able to come for a holiday!

Sally said...

I went to a very scary castle in Ballarat when I was on holiday as a child. I had bad dreams for a long time after that... might be best to avoid the castle if you do move.