Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post 6 ~ Happy Birthday Oliver!!

My baby is 10.
10 years old.
A 10 year old boy.
In my house.
Who would of thought! Still Pokemon mad, his fave present is his Platinum DS game and Poke Manuel. This is last years pokebook, I think we get our $$$ worth!Party held at our house today, perfect weather, all the year 4 boys from school plus mutliple sibling brothers = 12 boys plus Cate and her friend.
On a sad note it's was also Oliver's first birthday where he has not shared his cake with our Nan.


Suz said...

Ooh, double figures! A bit of a milestone. Happy Brithday Oliver!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Oliver, hope you had a wonderful day!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Newpfhew #1! Love Aunty Hel x

Cass said...

Happy birthday Oliver, hope it was a great one

AJ said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!