Monday, August 11, 2008

Ironing Board Covers

Bob needed to use the ironing board for clothes (not quilt fabric) so he took everything off it and decided to also remove the top cover due to excess cat fur. He revealed 2 more hideous printed covers underneath which I have left on for padding. My nan bought me a blue floral one for Christmas a few years ago, but when I washed it the elastic disentegrated.
So 2 new ones have been made using Nigela fabric by Amy Butler. Before pics~
And After~
A thick decorative fabric, perfect for home furnishings but I think I bought it to make a bag? I got 1 metre of it when at Material Obsession during my trip to Sydney. I have a small amount left, perhaps enough for a cushion.
Using sheeting elastic, I could not get it to gather tight enough to fit snuggly so I have to get some ironing board suspenders to clip underneath. The cover looks great on, I just need to keep it cat free.


Ruth said...

You've motivated me to tackle a cover for mine! It has been on the "to do" list for ages. Yours looks great. Absolutely gorgeous cat btw.

AJ said...

Noodle used to lay on ours too...she got a smack everytime and now she doesn't get up there....the only place I can leve fabric safely!!

Cass said...

Adds they look great. I have one of those small ikea ones which need a new cover too

Emma said...

How decadent!

Cass said...

Adds I passed on the tree of happiness to you

Cascade Lily said...

You managed to make ironing boards look attractive - well done Adds!