Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 Calisthenics State Championships

Our Mandurah club did so well today, winning the State Comps for Sub Junior B grade 2008. I have over 400 pics on my camera, I snapped away all day taking individual and group photos.
Mandurah Team 1 and 2 won every dance event, Cate's in Team 2 and 2A, her 2A team never placed for there 3 dances but they did so well with only 4 girls in the team and having to compete against our division 2 team for 3 events. They combined some of the category divisions, so for March our Team 1 and 2 were competing against each other and our team 2 never placed but they did win it last time. For the Fancy, our team 2 came 4th and our team 1 won.
Results Division 1
3rd 12 points Carine
2nd 15 points tie Phoenix 1 and Narrogin
1st 36 points Mandurah
Results Division 2
3rd 5 points tie Thornlie 2 and Narrogin 2 5 points
2nd Carine 14 points
1st Mandurah 2 24 points
Now for some photos! Cate in her Aesthetic (Graceful), Cinderella; I did all the sequining for theseClubs, I still Call Australia Home; Cate's fave danceMarch, We all live in a Yellow Submarine; my fave dance Rods, Were Happy Little Vegemites; (with her coach Kristy)Fancy (Mexican) La Raspa; with her trophy All the comps are over now, so we start exam prep! Next post, some quilting xx


Cass said...

Well done Cate

Emma said...

Well done Cate! Fantastic photos; that first one is just stunning!