Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cass Box Swap

Cass organised a mystery box swap and I was lucky enough to join in. I took out 3 items; Some fridge magnets, a bag of pom pom trim and a Moda Needlecase. In return, I will be putting in an Enid Gilchrist Magazine, a handmade pin cushion using my Prints Charming fabrics and complete with a packet of pins, and the cutest ever 1.5 inch jelly roll that I made using some of my Picket Fences fabric. Cass has also tagged me for a Tree of Happiness Award. So now I get to share 6 things that make me happy, and then tag 6 others for the award who can do the same.
My 6~
1. Cate. There is nothing more delightful then having a daughter, except maybe having 2 or 3!
2. My boys. Having two boys who are so close in age and the best of friends most of the time works incredibly well for us!
3. My animals / our pets, I am such a cat person but forever thankful that we have Lottie too. One day I will be one of those old ladies with 50 cats!
4. Making Christmas Gifts for the kids Teachers, I love making ragged edges quilts and the teachers are always so thrilled to receive them.
5. The Internet! How else would I of met so many great people and been able to buy so much great fabric?
6. My car, how great is it to get in a car, start the key and you just know it's going to start? And it has aircon and an excellent heater when needed.
I tag these bloggers~
AJ ~ a great quilter and a great friend
Island Kylie ~ a fellow EBer
Gina - a new blog for me, another multi talented mum
Monica - who has the best free table runner patterns on her blog
Xena - from my EB Quilt group
Helen - my sister dear.
Thanks Cass!!


Gina said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to think of a few things that make me happy.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Cass said...

Can't wait for the box to get back to me!

Happy Zombie said...

Thank you Adds... that was so sweet of you!

I love that little jelly roll. I would never be able to cut into it.... it's just too darn cute!

Cascade Lily said...

This is such a great idea. Loving the ponchos on the Enid Gilchrist mag!!

AJ said...

Ok now I get it!!

I'll do mine later!