Monday, August 4, 2008

Cate Cali Dance Make-Up

Here we have Cate looking mighty fine in her stage make-up ready for her 1st Calisthenics Competition held yesterday. This is our first stage performance so I am trusting the experts that she looks like she should.
She loves the crunchy hair!! To get a "do" like this, you divide the hair in half and the back section is put into a high pony tail and then teased to make a full bun, covered with 2 hair nets and secured with hair pins. The front section is then divided into 2, the back piece is teased up, hair sprayed and then boofed over and pinned, the front section is brushed straight and then over the teased section and secured with fringe pins. And then the whole lot is covered with mammoth amounts of hair spray!! And topped off with a hat or decorative head piece. Don't ask me how to do the make up, that's not my forte!!We had such a great day, a really early start leaving home at 6.10am to be on stage at 10.00am. Cate held it together really well, performing beautifully with no stage fear. Final results~ Figure March 1st Place; Aesthetic Exercises 1st Place, no place for Club Swinging, Rod Exercises or Free Arm; but overall Mandurah won the Division 2 Sub-Junior B Grade Competition by 15 Points!! So Cate is now sporting a fabulous Gold Medallion and 3 blue ribbons and is hooked for life. Our Division 1 team also won by 3 points and I later heard that we also won our Juniors and Seniors Divisions!! Bring on State Competitions in 3 weeks.


Gina said...

Congratulations to Cate and the rest of her team

Love and hugs gina xxx

Emma said...

Well done, Cate! The hair-do looks great - but what's it like to comb out???

AJ said...

Stunning Stunning Stunning...what a beautiful child you have Ads

Cate well done!! I hope you continue to enjoy performing!