Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Peace Quilt

I saw this quilt at the Craft and Quilt fair, it is divine! The Peace Quilt by Margaret Rolfe, its made up of 99 foundation pieced paper cranes, so another long term project. To get me started I also bought this 40 pack of 7" japanese print fabrics from the Patchwork Shop, the staff were so friendly at this stall, very helpful. To make this quilt you need 160 squares but 40 will have to do for now. We also need to find 5 metres of a deep navy or black with a tiny light print for the background.

My friend Anne bought 3 different 7" charm packs, 2 Japanese and a burgandy pack. She also purchased a new Log Cabin Template Ruler and a set of templates designed for 2.5" Jelly Roll strips. The template rulers are new and the Jelly Roll one looked really interesting, allowing you to make heaps of shapes (diamonds, hexagons, squares, triangles) from your 2.5" strips.
I was trying to convince her to buy a delish quilt kit from Amitie but she wasn't a willing participant!


AJ said...

Oh Adds..that is divine!!! I have a quilt shop up here that specialises in Japanese Quilting fabric...what me to have a look...better yet come and visit me and you can look for yourself!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I went to the Fair today with my Mum and daughter - it was so much fun. It is always great to browse around the new products and get loads of inspiration.

R. Michell said...

Thank you for what appears to be a plug for our products, Log Cabin Rulers and Stripper Templates for Jelly Rolls.

Richard Michell
from Marti Michell products
Michell Marketing, Inc.