Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap - recieved

My doll quilt swap was recieved today. Out of 53 participants all over the world, I got AJ! The quilt is titled Fresh Tradition, and was designed by Darleen Zimmerman, I got this pattern from the All People Quilt web site.
I made it using Prints Charming fabric and a tiny White on White snowflake print by Moda. I also made 2 matching Babushkas. To see more photos, AJ has gone nuts here!


Emma said...

You did a fantastic job on this Adds! I love your fabric choices. AJ is very lucky!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a great result - your quilt looks so effective and those matching babushka's are so cute! I so love the Prints Charming fabric.

Karen said...

How funny that you got AJ!! She's a lucky girl though - the quilt and dolls are very sweet Adds.

AJ said...

Nuts!! Nuts!!!

Of course I'm nuts when I have this beautiful quilt in my hot little hands...and it is MINE all MINE!!!

Thank you soooo much Adds it is truly a work of quilted art...I LOVE it!!

Helen said...

Its really beautiful Ad! Even the binding looks great! Can't wait to se what you pull out the hat for someones birthday later this month!