Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just 17 sleeps

to go and then it's Helen's birthday! She made me a lap quilt for my birthday so now I get to return the favour because that's the kind of sister that I am!!! Isn't she lucky?!
I own 11 Jelly Rolls, this one is my fave and it's the first one I have unrolled and cut up. All for a good cause, but it still hurt! Blossom by the Urban Chic's, I like the retro look of it, and I know Helen does too. Lets hope I do it justice or at the very least buy it a good quilt hanger!


Helen said...

Very, very, very noice sister dearest! Dying how you are going to turn a jelly roll into a plastic bag holder!

Andrea said...

What a lovely sister you are! I love the look of the fabric too and can't wait to see what you do with it.

AJ said...

See I told you I'd beat in to amke a JR quilt!!!
Great colour choice!!

Jackie said...

Oh, I love those fabrics! Your doll quilt looks great. I have those same fabrics from Prints Charming and haven't been brave enough to cut into them yet. I love what you have done with them.