Sunday, May 25, 2008

Craft Fair Loot

I think I did really well with my purchases from the craft fair, I was quite restrained, everything I bought was so needed!!1. Golden Threads Quilting Paper $20
2. Pink bundle of fat 8ths $7.50
3. 5 pale green fat 8ths with paisley green FQ $13.50
4. The Peace Quilt pattern $18.50
5. Aunt Bec's 9 Patch quilt pattern $15
6. 2.5" Stip Templates $20
7. Hippybiscus Hot Possum quilt Pattern $20
8. Kimono Lady 7" charm pack $31


AJ said...

Nice haul Adds!! I'm interested in those rulers....are they the purple patterns I can see on the right...all to make with JR's cool!!

Emma said...

What has need got to do with anything? Are you interested in a swap? A scan of the crane block for a selection of 7" charm squares from all my Japanese prints? I'd have to see how many I have.