Monday, July 30, 2012

Sheep and Alpaca Show

I took Oliver the the local Sheep and Alpaca show yesterday. When we get our farmlet I want some sheep. I have pretty much settled on the Wiltipol Sheep, despite them being marketed as lean meat sheep (we do NOT eat lamb). There pros - no shearing, no tails, good in wet conditions, high baby production and they apparently stay in there allocated paddocks, ha!

And to protect all my lambs, we will be needing a few Alpacas. Brown ones. One called Kerry and the other Rupert, lol.
Not sure how Oliver will go with the whole farming thing, he stepped in sheep poo and complained about the smell and was worried the sheep were going to bite him. But he was curious about the judging and seemed happy enough just to look. Really need to step up the hunt for our land so we can get this project happening.

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Leah said...

I've had a bit to do with Wiltshire Horns, and really liked them (and their delicious meat...) Is a Wiltipoll just their hornless variety?