Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagram Fun

Loving my iphone, some quick pics; strip pieced half square triangles. All 2.5" squares in bright modern prints. These are the corners from the boys quilts, need about 900 to make a single bed size, loving it so far.
And Cate who's so happy, happy, happy! We had family over on the weekend which equals a younger cousin to play with, oh how she misses her cousins in Perth. Lots of balloons and streamers, food and jelly, good times. No pinata though, maybe next time.
And Kipper, who is usually mad as, she hates the cold, hates visitors, the neighbours dog, the kids being loud after school, the bin truck, the vacuum cleaner and has a big fear of the mop.
Ok enough spam, quilt pics to come, have some serious WIP happening.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

great looking HST's! And the dimples are killing me.