Monday, July 2, 2012

Coldest day in four years??

Really? Well it was cold but not so cold as to make it snow. And anything with a top of 10 is freezing for us, but we are hoping it gets colder so there will be some local snowfall.  I think the only one really loving this weather is Muffin, with his super thick coat he's either outside frolicing in the wind or indoors on one of the kids beds, preferably Cate's as he can camoflage himself and be left alone.
I spent most of yesterday watching the rain fall while working on the boys pow wow quilts. No idea why I decided to make two quilts the same, the repetitive cutting and chain stitching is so boring. I know they will look fantastic when completed, to me the quilt pattern screams boy. I just need to persevere and get to the next step and not let them become another WIP.
So far I have completed 180 top blocks, (you need 100 top and 100 bottom blocks per single bed quilt) so yeah, have a long way to go. Best get back to it.

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