Friday, December 30, 2011

Walk in the Woods

When out shopping for Christmas presents for my mum and sister at Ballarat Patchwork, Cate picked out a layer cake "Walk in the Woods" by Moda. I love this Aneela Holey print, I missed out on the Sherbet Pips bandwagon so hopping on now with Walk in the Woods. Fox anyone?
I was trying to find a layer cake pattern that will allow some prints to be used as a feature and others as border or in the background, while browsing flickr Cate unwrapped the layer cake and positioned her squares out. No cutting or piecing required, she wants them left big. And quilted in rows. And I can start right away. And she told me to tidy my messy room. Bossy boots.


Emma said...

Now there's a girl who knows her mind - decisive is a good way to finish quilts!

Sarah said...

That dimple is killing me :)